How to Choose the Best Mortgage Lender

When you’re investing in a real estate project, you need to trust that your mortgage lender will ensure the best rates and provide the best customer service. But how do you choose the right lender out of the many claiming to be the best? Follow these three tips to make an educated – and financially safe – decision. Watch for Red Flags It’s critical to be aware of red flags when choosing a lender. A mortgage loan company is a Read More

2018 Houston Real Estate Forecast

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, upwards of 100,00 homes flooded; however, despite suffering catastrophic damage, the Houston real estate market bounced back quickly. According to data collected by the Houston Association of Realtors, predicted setbacks were shorter than expected, and home sales rebounded only four weeks after the widespread devastation. The housing market finished strong through the end of 2017, but how will it behave moving forward? Our 2018 Houston real estate forecast reinforces the ongoing upwards trend: A State Read More

House Flipping Tips: Helpful Advice & Bad Ideas

In the spirit of the holidays, Noble Mortgage has a list of house flipping tips, and we’re checking it twice. Which of these tips are pieces of helpful advice that make the Nice list, and which are bad ideas that will wake to a lump of coal in their stocking? Any inexpensive house is a good house for flipping. List: Naughty But doesn’t spending less yield a higher profit when it’s time to sell the house? Not necessarily. Quality matters, Read More

Buying and Flipping a Flooded House in Houston

In August 2017, Houston experienced the worst natural disaster to hit the area: Hurricane Harvey. FEMA calculated that approximately 190,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by the historic hurricane, and many of the flooded houses are being put on the market. Investors are questioning how to proceed in this post-devastation real estate market, contemplating the value of flipping a flooded house. By taking into consideration a buying and holding strategy, being conservative in your valuations, and carefully watching your numbers, Read More

How Retail Property Investment Loans Can Help

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Get the Retail Property You Need With the help of our retail property investment loans, you can now purchase the property you’ve had your eyes on. We know how busy and how competitive the market is. It’s important to get the property as quickly as possible before it’s gone. We know you need the money, which is why you need help from a property loan. But the question is, how can our retail investment property loans help you? It’s not Read More

Wanted: Real Estate Investors for Houston Hard Money Lenders

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Start Your Real Estate Investment If you’re looking at purchasing a residence quick, you need help from a Houston hard money lender. Of course, being a real estate investor isn’t just for anyone. There are certain skills you must have to be successful. With options to choose from, you can get the property you need quick and ready to buy. Of course, that also means a little bit of personal prep before going to a lender. Passion for Real Estate Read More

$66,000 Hard Money Loan #FundingFriday

We received a call from one of our regular borrowers on Tuesday who decided to try out a different hard money company. They couldn’t perform so we stepped in and got it closed in 2 days with $0 out of pocket! This is a Big State deal too. #PerformanceMatters Click here to learn more about this loan!

House Flipping Loans—What You Need to Know

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Stay Ahead of Your Real Estate Investments House flipping loans are the common name we give to real estate investment loans for renovating distressed properties and resell at a profit, in a short amount of time. In the past, real estate investors were usually the ones performing this activity. Today, however, many people have realized the leverage available in this type of real estate investment, and they are becoming more popular than ever. To be successful with house flipping loans, you should Read More

Understanding Hard Money Lenders

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Get the Money You Deserve What exactly are hard money lenders? The majority of real estate investors hear a number of terms they don’t understand when they first start out in the business. One of these terms is hard money. A hard money lender is usually a private person or group that provides loans based on the property that is being purchased, rather than on a buyer’s credit rating. In most cases, these loans will cost much more than the typical mortgage. In Read More